What Is A Co-Op?

A co-op is much more than your typical grocery store – it is a consumer-owned cooperative business that’s managed and controlled by the people who use it. Unlike a business owned by an individual, family, or a corporation, profits from the store return to our owners and are used to help us better serve our community’s needs.

Did you know that anyone can shop at the Co-op?

You don’t have to be an owner to enjoy the benefits of local produce and our wide array of offerings. Everyone is welcome! While our owners are the backbone of our local grocery, anyone can shop here, and we hope you’ll make us your Daily store.

We are a community-based business, and you’re the reason we’re here. We’re not your average grocery store! You can make a difference by investing in the future of your Co-op or you can make us your store of choice. Check us out!

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