JusTea ~There’s a story behind every cup!

JusTea offers the world’s first direct trade handcrafted Kenyan black and oolong teas! justeaTheir teas are produced through small cooperatives, ethically sourced so that farmers harvest the benefits of their JusTea partnership.

JusTea’s core product is very unique in the tea world in that JusTea employees, craft tea by hand without factory machinery! This creates broad flavoured, whole leaf artisan tea.

How do they do it? JusTea cuts out the middle-men by equipping and training small-scale farmers to hand-process their own tea. teaflower Growing and cultivating tea is tedious, physically demanding work, and it is JusTea’s belief that the farmers and their families should be compensated fairly.The current system, however, puts most of the profits in the hands of the corporations, leaving an average of less than 1% of the retail value in the hands of the farmers.  By creating employment opportunities and buying direct from the hands that plucked it, JusTea is able to create lasting change, while introducing a delicious, high-quality product, new to the world market.

Daily is now proud to carrying JusTea. Enjoy some today! And Click here to learn more about the folks at JusTea.