Local Love – Phickles!

Happy Local Monday! It has begun: there’s no escaping the holiday season. Daily promises to keep it mellow – so here on the local blog we’ll be offering up some gift suggestions. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any of the unmentionable future days.

If you are like us and want to escape the holiday industrial complex PLUS support the local economy, Athens’ own Phickles, small batch pickled assortments, make fantastic gifts.

photo 4

Why do we love Phickles?

Phickles taste real homemade with love. Briney fresh deliciousness.

Besides being seriously tasty and healthy, this family owned and operated small batch pickle company sources their vegetables responsibly from certified naturally grown farms as close to home as possible…. supporting local farmers as best as they can.

Phickles offers pickled okra, green tomatoes, carrots, snap beans, jalapenos, asparagus, cucumbers, and other seasonal goodies…..seasoned with fresh, whole garlic, peppers, and dill.

Though they make great gifts, Daily carries Phickles all year round. Stop by and give them a try!