Local Love: Mountain Fresh

logoTis the season for hot chocolates & buttermilk pancakes! This week we take a look at family owned Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont, GA.

There is so much to love about Mountain Fresh – from the way they treat their cows to their commitment to great tasting, non “messed with” milk.

Scott & Jennifer Glover are “passionate about their cows, their comfort, & their quality of life. In return, they produce quality, award winning milk”.

How does this translate to how milk is produced?

– Milk only travels 7 miles from the farm to the processing plant and is fresh to you the next day!

– There are no added hormones. Mountain Fresh never uses RBST or any other growth hormones.


–  Farmers only use antibiotics in cases where the cow’s life is in danger. Then the milk from that cow is dumped until no trace of the antibiotic can be found in the milk. They test the milk from any treated cow with a test that can detect antibiotics down to 10 parts per billion. Only after the milk passes that test, do they put that milk back into the tank.

– The creamery let’s their cows graze as much as possible and then supplement with Alfalfa hay and corn silage. Nutritionist, John Beckman, PhD., samples the farm’s forages and formulates a grain mix called TMR (Total Mix Ration) that compliments the forages to make sure the cows’ diets are balanced with vitamins and minerals.

– Cows at the Creamery spend their time in a shaded pasture grazing or when the weather is either too hot or too cold, they have access to a covered free stall barn with cow mattresses, fans and sand bedding. They have access to fresh water and feed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just as they were designed to eat grass, they were not designed to live in a confined environment 24 hours a day. At the farm, cows are treated like family…because they are!

mntfreshThe Creamery chose non-homogenized milk because the fat particles are left whole and therefore are easily absorbed by the body, the way that milk was intended to be. They use a process called “Vat Pasteurization” which only heats the milk to a minimal temperature of 145 degrees, therefore preserving all the taste, flavor, and nutrients that milk has to offer.

Scott & Jennifer invite you to come out to their farm and see how our beautiful girls live. “We think you will be surprised to learn how they spend their days and what is involved in producing milk on our family farm.”

Thank you Mountain Fresh!