Local Love: Jittery Joe’s!

008 Good ‘ol Jittery Joe’s. They’re a long time love of Athens and Daily and we checked out the new roaster on Barber St. to learn about roasting and hear about all their dreams for the future. 018

Charlie gave us a tour, educated us on the roasting process and talked chicory. Chicory is a root that has been traditionally used on its own or in tea for medicinal purposes. New Orleans is known for their delicious coffee/chicory mixtures. Growing chicory and adding it to coffee has been a long time dream of the roasters – their new space has allowed this dream to grow.

021Their first crop was somewhat of an experimentation. Seeds were planted using old soil from the new site. The roots had to combat stones and other unwanted materials. But the new site is expansive! So the roasters plan to build raised beds and bring in nutrient rich soil and take it from there.  Also in the works? A train spotting nook.  Because why not?

Thanks to Charlie and all the folks at Jittery Joe’s! The roaster on 425 Barber St. is open for business. Grab a coffee and spy on the roasting process or just watch the trains pass.